Nankang CX668

Passenger Radials

The CX668 offers a quiet, comfortable ride, and control under wet road conditions. It’s the perfect choice for compact cars.

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  • Tire shoulder grooves aid in weight dispersion preventing uneven wear
  • Optimized siping pattern promotes even treadwear
  • Four straight circumferential grooves increase lateral stability for enhanced traction in all seasons
  • Modern grooves design provides increased water evacuation for reliable handling


Available Sizes

  • 155/80R12
  • 165/70R12
  • 155/80R13
  • 165/80R13
  • 175/70R13
  • 185/70R13
  • 175/70R14
  • 185/70R14
  • 195/70R14
  • 205/70R14
  • 135R15
  • 145R15
  • 165/80R15